I have a link between my navigation bar and the body part of the community. That link disappeared ever since i added a background image to my navigation bar. The link moved down and is now covered by the body part. Is there any code i can use to move the entire body part of my community a few px down so that the link shows again?


It's always displayed differently: right now you cant see it in IE but can in FF. It all depends on the size of the screen and the browser so by moving the body part down a bit I want to make sure the link visible at all times

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Jen has the answer..I just keep fiddling with the header/ navigation CSS- around until...something happens..PS-that Preview option is really great
Jen has the answer? LOL! It's unique to each case. I'll take a look soon.
In your case this type of code should work:
#xg_head {height:220px !important;}

Adjust the height as needed.
thank you Jen it sure works as all your codes

lol...she is right Jen always knows )



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