They have too many features to name/take screenshots of, so I'll just post a link to the list:) I did notice their features seem more... Web 2.0 than Ning, although a lot of them are premium rather than free.

*Please note, a few members said they tried SocialGo and got bad service.

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Very nice! Thank you!
I tried to contact Social Go for info when we were looking at moving. They're based in London which isn't far from me, so I wanted to get to know them better, thought perhaps a coffee wouldn't be too much to ask. They were really new when I contacted them, so you might have thought they'd want to speak to as many active network creators as possible.

Never got a response, not one. Didn't really like the platform either.
R3TRO-I'm sorry to hear that, but I imagine most businesses wouldn't be able to just run out for a coffee either. (Not downplaying your feelings, just maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt.)

Jen-You're welcome:)
OK, so I sounded a little precious there, but my point was to illustrate a total lack of response period. Nothing. Even when I asked questions about functionality, features, commercials - zip. I still went through the process of creating a Social Go account, creating a version of my network there and found the platform (a while back mind) a poor alternative to Ning, as to get anywhere near the functionality of a basic ning site, meant reaching into your pocket. Not a huge fan, and in my opinion, there are better alternatives available.
I have a socialgo site and it is nice,however you only get IM for free and everything else you have to pay for,all the good themes and apps have to be paid for.Also I spent a lot of time down as well when I was using it which was quite frustrating and it was why we moved to ning in the first place,here is my site if you want to check out the features
I thought I might use it but as you can see you can change the name but not the URL unless you pay for a domain
Hi I sign up with SocialGo as free and so far my site seems to be alright
if you would like to take look at it you are welcome to do so
This will be the new platform for Striking Concept's premium client,it has features which rival Ning plus additional ones suited to those more business orientated.
Storage capacity is too little for free networks any body knows the storage capacity of wackwall and t.y.
SocialGo is quite nice. But really not the solution if you are looking for free network creation. I am hoping that Ning is not going to use their model as a solution. That would be downright stupid...but then...I remember a few other things that have happened at Ning over the years.



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