Please add links to this discussion, if you have suggestions on possible alternatives to Ning.

I'll start with:

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Thanks Tranny!
Sorry Zohra. I know your name. I thought you preferred Tranny in the forums. Forgive me.
;-) Feel honored that I'm responding from my mobile phone - - I am a terrible typist on these things. LOL!
following this for future reference.... :)
Nice! Thanks for sharing.
;-) turned out for me to be a telephone site. Did you mean
I'm looking at BIG TENT
Looking good so far. Check it out and leave a comment here on what you think of Big Tent


Dreamcatchers {{{ HUGS }}} at

Since I had heard that was phasing out free sites- I moved my community to Aimoo- I didn't want to start charging my community members for the costs of premium services. Aimoo is totally free with the option to donate and anyone and everyone can create communities and forums.

Okay a question, for the communities that have left Ning and gone to other social networks, what is the best way to redirect from Ning. Apparently Ning has stopped redirect outside of Ning itself, so what are our alternatives, many have left and sent out their invitations using their members mailing list only to find these folks just don't move. The archive features are not completely workable as well.
Any suggestions?



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