Hello Friends,

I have created a site at Grou.ps and I must tel you that I am pretty satisified with what they have to offer. This site is specially good for people who cannot afford to get the features like as present in NING.

There are certain features which caught my eyes
1) Have lot of inbuild theme.
2) Your updates are commentable and likeable as it is in facebook.
3) You have online members tool, Latest members, top contributors, blogs, videos, photos and cool games as well.

I have a premium ning site, but I still wanted to make sure that I could be of some help for people who would want an alternative solution next to ning.

I would personally recommend to go for Grou.ps than to Spruz.
I created a site with spruz but I am not quite comfortable with it though, well everyone has their own opinion.

Hope this helps.

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Nice information you've shared here. Thank you!
thank u for appreciating.

I agree with you Unimatez..I hve created on both of the above and I am leaning towards Grou.ps for my main site..Their features & themes are more of a variety
I've already checked all the possible site to be an alternative to ning, and i do agree with you, grou.ps would be the best choice to do.

To all ning networks creator who are longing for a free service, i think we should consider for this:

the Storage and the Bandwidth that other site offered!

we should be aware with this kind of service, ning offers us with a 10GB storage by default, which the grou.ps offers the same as ning, spruz had only 100MB storage by default which is very small data storage, grouply acts the same offers to give with only 100MB storage by default.

Correct me if I'm wrong with my findings!

Note: check first all the services that others offers you, may be, i don't know they are taking advantage of what we are being through with ning right now.

in addition you can check mixxt if you want, that was my second option.. mixxt.net

I keep on silent with regard this issue of phasing out all free ning networks, who cares anyway, and i cried thinking all the efforts I've put in, i have two sites with ning, the one runs for almost 1yr gathered a lot of active members and emoplanet is a new one. its so hard to accept but we have no choice, right! all words are already been said!
yes ur very much rt my friend (EPnetwork)...the storage provided is as equal as to ning.....

however, I would still prefer grou.ps than mixxt.

just an opinion.

well said....i was so amazed to learn that grou.ps have so many features as FB, i.e. poke your friend, comment back, like even more their chat feature is awesome 10 times better than ning....u also get notification at the bottom.

I have invested so much in ning that cant go back, but none the less grou.ps is the best option for people who want to move out from ning...n there is nothing to feel bad about leaving ning, when u have a better option (I know it is bad to put so much of time n energy in what u dreamed and always wanted and then 1 fine day bcoz some damn guy changes his mind, our creation goes to dogs )...even after being a premium member there are so many improvement that ning has to do n i think spruz n grou.ps are giving that platform for people and for FREE.....

so, my dear friends, dont let this get over you and break your determination and always remember "Every Cloud has a silver lining"

Grou.ps is looking good , I have had a back up site set there for a year but have just coipied my members list over there, because they already have a members transfer facility in place from ning sites, it just copies members names , emails, age , location and sex and birthdays.
Copied 1000 members in 2 mins !!!, but be aware your mail box will be full with new member notifications as it sends them individualy to founder and admin mail boxes.
All your members do is log in with the same email addy as they used to join your ning site and then pick a new password.
u very rt..however...i think we all can compromise on that part as far the service is good n it is free

I am in the process of moving United In Spirit to this platform. I'm happy,they offer the same as Ning and more. It's in beta so can only get better!
I have been a member of one grou.ps network for over a year, but could never find any others. Tonight I managed in about 45 minutes' browsing to find a couple of grou.ps networks. That is the problem.

How do grou.ps networkers promote their site? I stumble on ning networks because somehow Google finds them; but not grou.ps! They are only good it seems for invitational membership. Am I missing something?
I checked out Group.ps and it looks like a possible alternative that I might migrate to, still looking into other alternatives that might be offered. I may go there first and create a group and check it out.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

hi i went with groups i was pretty impressed i did the same tried spruz and i was not impressed 2 hours to upload a photo



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