We've had a few over at our site ask if we can transfer their ning to buddypress.  I've seen a few successful migrations to that platform.


This service has been setup to accommodate that:


Cost around $250 but at least you will own the whole site and content in the future.

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Another way to manage the Wordpress changes is a Plugin to Wordpress called s2Member. It turns into a membership based social network. It is free to use. If you are considering using Paypal to create a funding stream.. this site allows from free all the way through 4 pay membership levels. It can be configured by yourself or you can pay the creators a fee to have it configured for you. I was starting with Buddy Press and kept having difficulty making it do what I wanted. I cleared the server and started over with the newest WordPress and am going with the s2Member ... and so far...I like it a lot.

They have created a couple really fancy social website templates that are pretty upscale ... and they have done most of the harder stuff for you. They are not free but they are pretty classy.

Here's hoping they will be helpful for some of you.


Thank you David, that is useful.

Unfortunatley this is all just making my head explode.

I'm a confident techie/web-developer of many years, but all these options seem to have things going for them, and I just can't seem to choose decisively between them.

Brain hurts.
Also David, please clarify:

Are you now using s2member AND BuddyPress? or just s2Member/.
He seems to be not using Buddypress. The latest update on all this is that Wordpress 3.0, also free, is coming out soon. It is now in Beta which means it may be pretty fast, since so many people contribute. And IT, will be combining what is now Wordpress MU with the standard single version, so I guess the best bet is to be patient and wait for the stable version of 3.0 to come out and then see how Buddypress installs on it...which I have a gut feeling is going to be a must watch thing. Yes, the exploding head, thing. I am always on the verge of that, but it hasn't happened yet......
Here is where my site using s2Member has gone so far. I still need a forum and some other goodies...but it is a clean start... Buddy Press messed up what I had previously set us so bad I ended up wiping out the entire site on the server and reinstalling clean and then adding s2Member .. I am very pleased so far... with room to grow. If you stumble across a wise WordPress person that would walk me through the next step...I am eager to get this thing out of the gate...


Feel free to click around my site..first level membership is free...

Still useful but under construction.



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