Everything society related is bound to have an interest captured somewhere in mind, and so it is only natural to express such an interest as you wish. Every expression is like an awakening of ones soul, step by step, as we emerge into a new plane of consciousness, understanding and awareness. Universal freedom becomes apparent the more we grow and discover new things about ourselves and other people, places and things as they merge with us along the way and as we step along side our friends in every moment of unity we share together for this is our experience, our progression, our life.

Every interest has a home, and every home should live inside of us so we may explore together what all our discoveries shall lead to, in joy, love and respect, meet the collective of spirits whose set out to build something from such a purpose. Welcome to Cosmic Nation. Sharing forests of life with all souls who wish to be safe, free and loved unconditionally. Uniting people from Earth, the stars and beyond.

We are a collaboration of people with diverse interests exploring cosmic science, spirituality and personal awakening. The idea behind this site is that the focus is key towards personal collective understanding of both relationships and each other as a whole. To know who we are, look for a place to remember the teaching of the universal mind, and one of us, in spirit as it is on Earth, will be there, guiding, teaching, helping and awakening our family to a state of conscious awareness.

We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community. Dorothy Day

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Website: www.unitedstarseeds.com/
Email: starseednetwork@gmail.com

Phone: 442032394318

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I like the format for setting up directory posts, interesting how this could be done.



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