AnimaLiberatioNow is an online community of people who:

*Believe in the protection of the 1000's of innocent beings who are tortured every day;
that they are not put here to entertain us or for us to make profit from their lives.

*Are here to Take Action and Boycott cruelty!

*No Excuses and No Compromises.
We pledge to do what we can to help spread awareness on cruelty products, and Animal abuse of any kind.

AnimaLiberatioNow's Intended Result is to:
Create a positive, aware, and pro-active community of People United in the Fight Against cruelty to Animals.

People who join AnimaLiberatioNow do not buy cruelty.
We co-create productive ideas and actions for the Animals
in the hopes that one day All Will Be Free!
We are here to fight some of the most horrible attrocities that have ever been experienced on this planet.
And we will not be silenced!

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