Dreamcatchers honours Mother Earth and respects all beings, seasons and the powers which they provide to all who live in her embrace.
As you travel the spiralling wheel ~ through to cosmic consciousness ~ you become the dancer on top of the world.
Now more skillful choose your dance ground.

Visit Dreamcatchers Family ~ Saralonde Designs {{{ HUGS }}}

Great Spirit,Mother Creator, bless the Earth through my life. Source of all nourishment, we seek to replenish your sacred world. Guide us now through these images, words and feelings within as we reach into the wholeness.
Let all that is needed be known.

Welcome, energies of earth, air, fire and water. Let us create a life of beauty, reverence, and wonder. With each season, let us rejoice. Through every phase of sun and moon, let us be in harmony.
In every direction shall we offer our love.

Dreamcatchers Family

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