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Reiki popularity soaring and more teachers are needed.


Over the past two decades, Reiki has gained much wider acceptance in the medical establishment. Hospitals are realizing the effectiveness of the treatments and also the increased patient satisfaction. Many hospitals now include Reiki in their patient services, provided by their own physicians, nurses, therapists, and other staff.


An abundance of Reiki Master/teachers are needed as more people become interested in natural healing modalities.

Healing Today has provided practical and affordable Reiki training since 1999 all over the USA. Our low prices and experience has helped make Reiki available to many people from all walks of life.


Atlanta Reiki workshops; http://healingtoday.com/classes.ga.htm


Tampa Bay area; http://healingtoday.com/classes.htm

Nashville Reiki seminars; http://healingtoday.com/classes.tn.htm

Charlotte Reiki classes; http://healingtoday.com/classes.pr.htm


Chicago Reiki; http://healingtoday.com/classes.usa.htm



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