Sign up now at our site, and get the latest news,reviews,previews, and more on gaming. We offer the latest on PS3,PS2,PSP/PSPgo,Wii,DS/DSi, and the microsofts own, Xbox 360.

If you sign up at our site, not only will you get the latest on gaming, but there are extras that make you have a reason to come back to our site.

1.Gamerz Guide: We are the first, to start the "Gamerz Guide" series and what it is, is that we do a great tutorial on a gaming device. Could be on the 360,Wii,DS, who knows. To kick it off, we did our first Gamerz Guide tutorial on the 360. It was "How To Connect Your Xbox 360 To a PC". Click here to view it.

2.Interact: Interact with other members, become friends. Next thing you know, you and your new friend will be playing online together on your wii cause you swaped friend codes, or playing together on your 360 cause you swapped Gamertag's. Interact, have fun with other members.

3.Start Discussing: Our forums is the best place to discuss about your gaming device. There are sections for every gaming device we support. You can even go to the Console Wars Category and tell people why they should buy a PS3 over a 360, vice versa.

4.Grouping and Recruiting: You can create your own group, to recruit your clan for Call of Duty game, or make a group for your own ning site and to get some advertisement from it. There are plenty of ways to use groups, but we are glad we offer it.

5.Videos: We support videos. We post new ones daily,weekly, and monthly so expect new videos from us. Could be a review on this cool new game, or even a new episode of our series, Gamerz Guide.

6.and More: We have a lot more to do on our site. I was just sharing some of the cool things you can do. We will be adding new features to our site to make it even better for you guys.

So sign up now at our website at

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