Be an Earth Day eco patriot and help liberate the Moon Bears!

9,000 Moon Bears are locked in suffocating crush cages in China and Vietnam so their bile can be drained for Traditional Chinese Medicine. As if locked in these crush cages weren't torture enough, additional pain and suffering is inflicted on the bears twice a day to drain their bile through cruel and inhumane procedures. This life of hell goes on every day for these bears for up to 25 years, until they die.

Help the Ursa Freedom Project end a practice that should never have begun. The Moon Bears are on the CITES I Appendix for threatened and endangered species. Extinction is forever. Help us set them free!

Our Earth Day goal is to raise $9,000 to sponsor a rescued bear so he can receive medical care, special diet, rehabilitation, playground equipment, and -- drum roll .... -- a whole year's supply of dripping golden honey and gooey peanut butter!

Check us out at UFP, where you will also find:

1. Our newsletter
2. The story of our bear mascot, Jasper
3. The awesome April poster "Set Them Free" for uploading across the internet
4. A new song, "Honey Money" on our playlist by Robin Perry
5. The latest IUCN Threatened Species report on Ursus thibetanus (the moon bear)

Spread the word, and invite your friends! We need YOU!

Together, we WILL Set Them Free!

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