What Is the Best Ning Site Design, that is not your site? =)

This discussion was created on Creators.ning.com. I'm not the type to copy someone else, and this discussion has been posted on Creators several times. But, I would love to see this discussion flourish without listing our own sites. Understandably, for all of these discussions in the past, most folks choose their own site. I completely understand this. Of course, I hope we all love our own site. What if we made a list of the best Ning Site Designs that were not our sites? ;-)


We'd love to see the best sites out there! I still find a goodie from time to time that blows me away. I'll list one I noticed the other day. It was awesome. But, I'll have to find it.


Thank you in advance for your thoughts, expressions, and shares!



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That's an impressive and dynamic looking 2.0 Ning site!    and....63,000 members!   =8-o

Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer,

Always love your creative smileys. ;-)

Have a nice Sunday,


You made my day Jen.   Thanks.   :)

Yeh I wouldn't actually list my 2.0 as an awesomely designed site since it is very cookie cutter design. Though I would put up my 3.0 as a nice design lol

But one 2.0 that I liked as soon as I saw it was The Official Resistance. I won't deny that the neon glow on that site has inspired me to add a bit of neon style glow to my 3.0, though in different ways :)



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