What Is the Best Ning Site Design, that is not your site? =)

This discussion was created on Creators.ning.com. I'm not the type to copy someone else, and this discussion has been posted on Creators several times. But, I would love to see this discussion flourish without listing our own sites. Understandably, for all of these discussions in the past, most folks choose their own site. I completely understand this. Of course, I hope we all love our own site. What if we made a list of the best Ning Site Designs that were not our sites? ;-)


We'd love to see the best sites out there! I still find a goodie from time to time that blows me away. I'll list one I noticed the other day. It was awesome. But, I'll have to find it.


Thank you in advance for your thoughts, expressions, and shares!



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I am going to have to look around and get back on this one.

I'm pretty lucky in that I get to cruise Ning sites nearly all day long. It's hard to have a heavy favorite because there are just so many well-designed, unique and charming communities out there, but I do have a few bookmarked that I'd love to share with you: The Brooklyn Art Project is minimalist by design and organized by artistic medium with opportunities to collaborate and promote your next event; crafthaus is a craft community that showcases a lot of talent and expertise; DIY Drones is the home for everything about amateur UAVs; Women's Soccer United is a professional site for a passionate global community.

Hi Allison,

Thank you for these awesome examples. I need to get our member's attention. Lately they seem to swoop in, grab the goodies, and not offer their input. :( Really appreciate you taking the time to add these, and some great choices at that!



You bet! Always enjoy singing the praises of creative communities. 

Well Allison, I think we have solid evidence that most folks do not want to add other sites, unless it's their own. This is true in every case, where we try to collect a nice list of great designs.


The best I know of is www.one-vibration.com. Second is www.thenetworkerslounge.ning.com and third is www.sakuragako.com

(all ning netwoks)

First, want to say, I now understand why so little activity other than "looking" at this discussion. If I try to go outside of the sites my Design Firm has designed, in addition to the ones Allison provided, it's not easy to find professionally designed Ning sites!

I'll list some of my faves from our Design Portfolio, since these are collaborative creations of Site Owners and Designer:

I love the graphic design on http://www.brooklynartproject.com, not so much what they've done with the Ning platform.

I will list more later. It's really not easy to find them. ;-)



Actually, on the crossroadshobs site, appears that this Designer: Roxanne Cook is responsible for most of the sleek and sexy sites Ning has in their portfolio, including Ning's Pricing pages and Ning Themes. She's currently working on design for http://www.lumosity.com. Incredible talent:


Wow, Roxanne is good. And I'm a big fan of Lumosity. Thanks for posting all these, Jen. I've got some exploring to do!

Another goodie:


I've long admired the overall look and feel of this site. The content at the top is from an external CMS. The owner: Mario, offers this external CMS for an incredibly low fee. If you're interested contact him here: http://jensocial.com/profile/MarioBenites

Below is his e-flyer with details. Click on image for larger view.

Another good one - - should mention, a VIP Client of Ning:




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