I am looking for a way how I can present videos and photos not only with / in 4 rows on the video or photo overview pages. I would like to have an overview with 8 or maybe 12 rows. Has someone an idea if this could be possible via CSS? I think I have to learn more about using CSS ...

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Hi Jens,

This couldn't be done with CSS, I don't think. It would take special scripting, if that's even possible. I haven't tried this yet, and probably won't until after Ning introduces their new theming system in the future.


If you have seen this done on a Ning site, let me know.


Best Regards,


Hi Jen,

no email notification for your reply. I don't know why. I checked my settings here ... miracle.
Have you disabled the new NING editor ? - Oh no, I see NING has done that.

But to your reply. Okay: I have to accept this ... that it could not be done. And sure it will be wise to wait until NING introduces their new theme setting system.

I haven't seen it on a NING site - but I saw some NING sites with a very long right column on their network that I got this idea it could be better to have more content in the middle column too.

Hi Jens,

If you have seen this done, I can probably mimic it. It you see where someone has added more rows of photos or videos on a Ning, leave me the link.

Best to you,




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