I just feel stupid. I've been trying to verify my site with Alexa Ranking for two years. Where is the root directory in my site, navydads.com. I just can't accomplish this, so gave up a long time ago.  Also, is it hurting my ranking by not being verified? because I believe my traffic is pretty good but my ranking is aweful.


Thanks to anyone who can help,


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To my knowledge, it won't hurt your ranking by not being verified. In fact here's a posting that backs that up. I'm pretty sure Alberto works for Alexa:
per Alberto: "Verifying and claiming a site has NOTHING to do with ...

Verification is just a way for you to claim your site and access some private Alexa data like your site description. On a Ning Network, unless you have old WebDav access, and not many networks do - - you cannot access your root directory. Ning took this access away a while back - - which I don't like, but just the way it is. The only time you need to get to the root directory is of course in cases like this. But this case isn't critical - - IMHO.

On Alexa verification, there are several ways to do this. I've never tried the alternative methods. But, I feel confident they will work fine. And BTW, the Alexa forum is fantastic on support issues.

Alexa Claim Your Site/Verification

Hope that helps,
Thanks Jen,

I actually have the old WebDav on my computer from when I started my site over two years ago. If it's not that important, I'm going to save the headache trying to verify. My site has around 3,000 to 4,000 page views a day, maybe that's not enough traffic. I just see sites ranked in Alexa that are way higher then mine. I just can't believe some of those sites are getting more traffic. I was lucky to build the site, optimization is something I know nothing of.

Thanks again,
That's more than enough traffic, and a lot for that matter. I just checked and as of the last time we discussed this, Alexa has taken away the alternative methods. So in effect, a Ning Network cannot claim their site on Alexa without WebDav. Hopefully Ning will offer a way to do this, soon.

Otherwise, if you need me to help do it via WebDav, send me a private email. I have to charge a small fee to do this.

On your ranking, the claiming won't make a difference. But what will make a difference is this - - do you have Alexa Toolbar installed in your browser? If not, this is critical. See this tip:

Best Regards,



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