The Facts about,Hemp,which is in the same Family as Pot ,Mary Jane! A New Global Curve that Forbes has Projected to be The Next Multi-Billion Dollar Industry,currently 170 million,BUT,will Explode in the next couple of Years to Billions.WHY...Pot has a Dangerous Drug in it called,THC,which makes You HIGH,BUT,Hemp Does NOT.Marijuana which will be legalized across Canada this year,and from State to State,in My opinion is the Destruction of US all.The Drug THC is NOT the Pain Relief component (CBD) Cannabidiol IS the Pain Relief Component.You Do Not have to get HIGH to get Pain Relief.I was a Pot smoker up until 2008,BUT,it was nothing but a Problem in My life,I have not touched it since and will never ever touch it again.The HIGH that THC gives You,if You have not tried it,well,Your OUT OF IT,Your in La LA Land.DEATH,on Our roads and highways will increase,crime will increase,WHY...because of the Legalization

of Weed,MORE People,millions will be exposed to it,that would never ever, in the past even think of trying,Weed.Moms and Dads,Black Market will still be the go to,the worry that I have and many others.The age of trying Pot and usage will go down.The U.S.A. before 2014 was the World,s number One Importer Of Hemp,BUT,The 2014 Farm Bill,Changed the Status of Hemp,and Approved the,Growth,Cultivation,Marketing in accordance with Federal and State Laws,MORE,Importantly in 2016 the USDA,the DEA,the DOJ,the FDA

and the HSS issues a statement of Principles that signify the acceptance of Hemp.Discoveries of Natural Medicinal Benefits of Hemp Oil are Endless.These Benefits and the list is growing also day,by day.I have dropped everything! !My full time and Prime Business is now getting out the word about,Hemp Oil Products and ALL the Health Benefits.Dear Friends,if You have a Health Problem,and,or,a Loved One,and would like to try something Natural,check out the long list of TREATABLE Health Problems! Get More Information

In Trust and Respect




Robert Frank Steele (Bobebuzz)

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