As much as I hate comparing NING to Facebook I reeeeally wish NING would get more flexible with the sprites. You know the little icons like binoculars, etc etc...yeah, those. 

Look at the diff between a Facebook profile and a NING (screenshots); I hate to say but the NINGer is just plain ole ugleeee. Don't you agree?? 


Yeah, I know i got a better shot w/ FB and I was gonna reshoot but ahhh wth. We can also see that improvement is needed; Links are pretty played out imo. So let's get NING to give us the option to include the sprites. Like, View All could have the binoculars next to it on the homepage just like it does when on someone's blog list. On the profiles, they could just add the associated icon next to the link a la Facebook. I think it would make the vcard so much more appealing, don't you agree?

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Do you mean mouse over and highlight each link with background color?

If it is, my consideration is, it member's page. member could change the THEME. So we don't know what background color is good for every member when mouse over. This is very different from Facebook. But if you like, you can teach the members to add and modify the CSS code by theme self.

And Facebook need to do that is because whatever you click any link in the left side, these links stay the same. I mean in same place. Only contents in the right side changed. But in NING, when we click on any of these link, we'll go to a whole different page view. The links won't show in the next page. Then the  "mouse over highlight and background color change" is not important, you even can't see it! 

So how do you think now? :)

Sorry, I totally misunderstood. XD

It's a very good idea. I like it and I'll try to do it. But I worry about there is an issue about member's CSS and master ( the whole site ) CSS are separated. 

Yes! icon recognize is always better than text. For child and for different languages. Hope you can post all these to NC site. Let NING notice that.
Why you say you are no longer a member of Creators? You leave NING? Then where you up to? So pity. You are so brian as I said.

OMG!! I try to write a tips for this tonight and I find that... NING don't give each link a class name.

Then this tips will be very tricky. I need my Adobe Fireworks.

I know you and many NC's need it. I like it too. But I won't use Javascript to just show icons. Performance issue. This should be CSS thing.

I've posted a request to NING here. Ask your NC friends to reply it to let NING know how much you want it. Speak out!!



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