The Ning Directory is Changing to a Social Network Directory and Network Creator Hub, for all platforms. Please help select the New Domain Name.

We need a new name for this site, that will reflect:
Social Network Directory &
Network Creator's Hub

VOTE ON DOMAIN NAME TO USE - - urgent time-line:

  • Bottom line, the words Social Network Directory are soooo long. But, if we have them in the domain name, it's so great for SEO.
  • Names from SNDHub to SNDir have been considered. But they won't help us with SEO, and not real easy to remember. A domain name needs to do both.
  • We own 2 domains. and
  • I can actually have the Ning redirect go to one of them, and then, place a forward from one to the other via my hosting account. In others words, eventually members will be able to arrive via:
    • (.com gone of course)
    • These words will be in the header and site name or description, regardless to what domain we choose and start building:
    • Social Network Directory &
      Network Creator's Hub

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Thanks Julia! Yeah, you too Dear. Just read that email of yours - - awesome. ;-)
voted for +1
Hey Vaqz!
Thanks for your vote!



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