The Ning Directory is Changing to a Social Network Directory and Network Creator Hub, for all platforms. Please help select the New Domain Name.

We need a new name for this site, that will reflect:
Social Network Directory &
Network Creator's Hub

VOTE ON DOMAIN NAME TO USE - - urgent time-line:

  • Bottom line, the words Social Network Directory are soooo long. But, if we have them in the domain name, it's so great for SEO.
  • Names from SNDHub to SNDir have been considered. But they won't help us with SEO, and not real easy to remember. A domain name needs to do both.
  • We own 2 domains. and
  • I can actually have the Ning redirect go to one of them, and then, place a forward from one to the other via my hosting account. In others words, eventually members will be able to arrive via:
    • (.com gone of course)
    • These words will be in the header and site name or description, regardless to what domain we choose and start building:
    • Social Network Directory &
      Network Creator's Hub

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Jen, first let me say that this is an incredible idea, and so many kudos to you for your open heart and smart business mind!

As far as SEO goes, I completely understand what you are saying, but in the same respect, having a solid tag line in the title is really just as good. Also, imo, The name JenSocial somehow has a more positive sound to it than the other, only because most directories online today are, for lack of a better way to put it, clinical, maybe also a little too corporate sounding, and of course JenSocial actually has an inviting flavor to it, just as something to do with social should have.

I have domains that are very niche specific, and some others that are more or less not, but proper and clever use of a tagline in the browser window has at times shocked and amazed me. I sometimes find my non specific domains listed ahead of searches of larger sites mostly based on the tagline.

Let me just add also, that careful placement and wording of meta tags can also be a great SEO benefit.

With Jens talent, and the talent of this network family, I see no reason why JenSocial can not be a name of great respect on the internet.........
Thanks TAXI! Yeah, hopefully via this site, and the Ning Creator site, I've built a fairly good name. And if our members (you) do vote for JenSocial, I believe it will serve us well.
Best to you,
Congrads Jen

I'll be here with bells on
I'll help in any way I can


Deborah Saralonde
Dreamcatchers Family
Fantastic! Wouldn't know what to do without you, Deborah! Thank you!
Hi Jen,
This is Creating Empires signed in from a different network.
Thank you for the comments you made back, it is good to be of some help.

May I suggest however, that altho I like the idea of the girl face, and the transparancy, perhaps, yes, she may be a bit childlike. Could she be matured up a bit lol, perhaps even be given eyes ;)
Just an observation...
Thanks Creating Empires! Yeah, good idea. I'm still throwing the creative ideas around in the old brain, before I start working on the logo again. Plus it will depend on what the members vote on in the domain name.

Thanks again, and especially thank you for your honesty.
Wow, the votes are really close, so far!
Let me know what I can do to help you. I can do an infomercial on my site for you. Also on facebook and twitter. So glad to know you. Let's do youtube too!
Hi Sandra!
Thank you! That sounds great! Once we get the name changed, and things are running smoothly, let's talk.

I'm really happy you're a part of this site.
Best Regards,
I voted for JenSocial since the first option is all wrong. A .biz title is not worth spit. Has to be com and should be common words that someone would write in. Now, would be fine. Why not make up a new name. $10. I am sure that you can find a spare $10 around the house sometime within the next few weeks. Get a new fresh name that clicks. But.........jensocial is not awful...just not good for seo.
Thanks for your input Carny Town. I really appreciate it. You wouldn't believe how long and how many domain names have been considered, and the thought process behind this one. I sure don't have a problem with buying another. I probably own around 200 domains already. It's the long words and so many of them that makes it tough.

On the .biz not being worth spit, I hear what you're saying, been in this Internet thing since day one. But, I have seen some .biz sites that are specifically Social Networks and Directories become quite successful.

If I were sold on the name, I wouldn't have started the poll. I'd like to share some of the history with you, on how this evolved, to this point. The JenSocial is easy to remember, short and sweet, and easy to brand. And it has the word social. Think about it, even if we did something like, OMG look how long it is. Let's just use the letter "e" for examples. What about, still very long. So point is, if 2-3 of the critical words are used in the domain, it will be terribly long. And those 3 words are the only 3 that would help in SEO. See what I'm mean? I'm 100% open to any thoughts or suggestions you'd like to throw my way. ;-)

Thanks again for your input, much appreciated.

I voted for simply because its personal and short and very easy to remember :)

way to go Jen YOU ROCK!!!



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