Is any one else's site down more that it is up these days? I've had my site on Ning since 2008 and believe it's finally gone in the crapper. I can no longer understand the employees that answer my call there and when I asked if they were going to credit my account since I'm always down, for days at a time, I got a big fat no!

What are my alternatives in switching my Ning site to another platform. There's got to be some where to go other than Ning. I'm sure they've ruined many of sites with their incompantance. All our hard work and I don't think any one there gives a damn. Sad!

Disappointed in Ning,

Elmo Moore

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Hi Elmo,

What you have stated here, is sadly, all true. However, since Mode Media (Ning's Parent Co) was the culprit of Ning's issues and neglect for the past 3 years, it is my opinion Mode Media is the total reason for the downfall of Ning.  The fact that they are now out of business, turning Ning over to other parties, I finally feel new hope for this platform.

On alternatives, truly, none really compare to Ning. Well, it's not that they don't compare, they're just all so different. I like DolphinPro the best, because you own your data, you have access to the source, it's super powerful. The dashboard is a bit antiquated. But, the power is all there. And, they offer a hosted version.

BuddyPress with WordPress is a good solution, but so many dang plugins. And, without an excellent hosting package, preferably a Virtual Private Server, speed will become an issue.

SocialEngine is solid in many ways, but again, plugins and speed issues (to me). But, a good alternative. The main reason I didn't jump in 100% with SE was due to their feet-dragging on offering a native responsive theme. But, those guys are super nice and cared very much about their platform and Customers. At least, that was my experience. I would definitely help a Client set up a SE site.

To read more details, visit ExCreators. He (Troy) has done an excellent job in providing details on all the alternatives.

Bottom line: There is no good way to transfer your content and members to any platform. It's a pain, and a hit and a miss on all. All platforms are apples and oranges, on the backend.

Jamroom and SocialEngine DO have Ning import tools. I've heard good and bad stories on both.



Here's a good current comparison chart on several platforms that have tools to import Ning site content:




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