I know a lot of whiners will bitch. Well, get over it. There comes a time that you gotta charge a little, to offer good service and support. Here's the email announcement I just received from Skysa.

At Skysa the quality of service we provide to you is very important to us, but providing a free solutions makes it difficult to provide the quality we want for our users like you. As much as we hate to do this we must end our Free Version of Skysa and place more focus on providing a premium service.

By taking this step, our paying users will notice improved performance, faster support response times (Because we can hire new staff) and return to the development on many more new Apps for use with your Skysa Bar.

Please review our news post New Service Plans are now Live! that talks about the new plans and allows you to comment on this change.

If you would like to see a side by side comparison of all the New Plans please visit our new Plans page! We have set all current free accounts to a 60 day Free Trial of our Skysa Basic plan. Hopefully this will give you the time you need you select the plan that is right for you or to discountinue use of our service. New accounts will be offered a 15 day trial of our service before purchase is required.

If you are concerned about paying a fee for our service I can recommend a couple of options for you::

1. We will be offering Sponsorships for clients based on the quality of their website traffic. If you are interested in Sponsorship please email sponsor@skysa.com
2. You can earn extra cash with Skysa by taking advantage of our Affiliate Program that allows you to share in the revenue generated by people you refer, 5 referrals can easily cover the cost of service plan!

We want to thank you for your understanding on this matter, and hope you will still select Skysa as a valuable part of your website offering.

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+!@#$ Whine.......

I'm just going to ditch the toolbar thing all together, I really liked Skysa, but paying for Ning is enough. I'm going to find a way to get what I had on the bar on to the page in a compact, accessible spot. Maybe like you have your JenSocial dot.
Interesting comment Kris. I haven't seen anyone accomplish the integrated IM/Chat yet, other than TJ of jQueryhelp.ning.com.
There are plenty of other toolbars. It's the Ning IM that makes Skysa so useful.
Do share,
i do love their toolbar i have used the instant messge thing alot to help new members, wish we could keep it.. maybe we can get it back at a later date .. or figure out how to make one like kris designs said

Is that why I cant get into my account? is there another free tool bar service with the same capabilites?

I would guess that's why, yeah.


Have you tried Wibiya, like we have here on JenSocial? They are top-notch.



Good luck,


I think I'm done with my toolbar replacement.  I like it, I have everything I was using the toolbar for except the IM and Polls.   I put them (chat, FB, Twitter, RSS, Donate) fixed in the bottom right corner and put the FB like bottom in the bottom left. What do you all think?   http://girlriders.ning.com/    



Really creative! Looks great! You should write a nice tip and share your ingenuity! ;-)



Thanks Jen, I think I will!!   I had to drop the FB Like button because I was getting a "stack" error on pages other than the home page.  Hoping to figure it out, than I'll post up.

Sound greats!


I hope you get it all worked out, just the way you want it.







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