I have to vent.  (If you want to delete my rant, Jen, you can. I won't get mad.)

When I first got my own network, I didn't know ANYTHING. I didn't even know what HTML was. The Creator's Forum was a godsend for me.  Everyone was friendly back then. Okay, to be honest, even back then there were a few unpleasant people, but Eric quickly put them in their place, and if they didn't straighten their act up, he shipped them out. Some will say unfairly, but I'm not going to get into any arguments about that in this thread.

The place has changed drastically and I can barely tolerate being there anymore. No one is keeping order anymore, it seems. It's a free for all in there. Eric was a much more visible presence, and that presence is gone now. Not sure what is going on, whether they don't have the staff to pay attention to the forum, but the frustration level is getting high. Ning is hardly addressing any issues on there.  Their absence is very NOTABLE, especially to someone who was around 3 years ago. I can tell the difference.

Until they bring some order to that forum, I'm out of there. I'm sick to death of the whiny posts and the negativity and the trolling.

I'm going to say it...out loud.  I LOVE 3.0!!  

Yes, it has missing features, DUH.  Yes, it's still in beta. DUH. No, it isn't 2.0. DUH!  But I LOVE it anyway, and I think it's going to be an incredible platform once it's finished and they begin to add the frills to it.  But apparently you can't say anything positive about it or defend Ning in any way or you get attacked for being a green minion or an ass kisser. 


Thanks for letting me vent.

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Not overreacting at all. Especially if the comment was used out of context for their own benefit. I still think there should be group where there are no rules and you can throw blows with the jack asses of the community and not get kicked out (though I'd prefer to do it person).....but that's the old military in me :)

Some people have some pretty big balls from behind the safe distance of a keyboard. I suppose we'll see what Allison can do. I understand her position being the mediator, but things like this is exactly the reason many of us don't play anymore. I feel for her...

No, you're not being unreasonable. Your words belong to you. No one should re-post them. It could have been done accidentally. But, if that is the case, and you have asked that they be removed, they need to be removed.



It wasn't accidental.  She was "clearing up confusion" is what she put at the beginning of the post. I have asked her to remove them and she is NOT doing what I asked. She's trying to argue with me (even though she says she's not) with paragraphs-long messages telling me why she thinks they should stay posted. I've also contacted Allison, but have heard nothing from her.

I hate to hear this, Diane. What a mess. I spent too much of my time and energy today trying to calm the waters. It may have helped a tiny bit, but not much. :\

Allison finally removed the comment yesterday.  And the person who wrote it seems to be trying to turn over a new leaf, so we'll see.  But there is still one recent bully, who shall remain nameless here, who takes every single discussion she enters and drags it, and the people in it, into the ground with her.

I simply do NOT agree with the way the forum is being moderated. I would never allow these argumentative comments to stay publicly posted. It ruins the ambience. 

*shrugs*  Oh well. Onward and upward. I have more pressing problems to worry about right now. (in REAL life).

Thanks for the post on Creators. It's helped.

Oh good! I'm glad to hear it was removed.

Maybe things will get better, fingers crossed.



 Hello Writer Chick, I always liked what you had to say in the past. But it seems you are reacting a bit much to some new admin.


I deleted all of my comments because the creator I was talking to made an unnecessary negative comment about another creator. I refuse to be involved in bashing others BY NAME. So, I deleted everything to do with the conversation. And here comes someone behind me and REPOSTS my deleted comments WITHOUT my permission!!! I'm fuming right now and have asked HER and Allison to take down her post. 

When I delete my damned comments I expect them to STAY deleted! Am I being unreasonable here???  Would this make anyone else mad, or am I overreacting??? 

 You don't have to have a copyright notice on everything, but she did it to quote you because she didn't know what the " are/is in the media panel on a comment to reply with.

This is getting a little bit bent over nothing. Unless you have a reason why ning admins can not repost your comments, even if you deleted it, they can legally repost you as a quote. Even users in reply can repost your post, your quote, or reply at you with @Writer Chick to imply they are replying to you. You should put on your profile there, "Do not copy and paste my posts as replies. If I delete my words, which is my right, I expect the whole of the conversation with me in it to drop asap." Sometimes you just have to be "that way" when dealing with these people. WE also all have a bad night, day, week or month, sometimes we put it right in our mouth in a moderated place. Just be polite as possible and move onward without saying you are in a lot of fume over it, even if you are. Meditate it out, if people care that much, something is wrong with the world in general.

You could also create your own version of creator's, Writer Chick, sort of a support support forum and site like I did with wall.fm. It's difficult either way, you will have people join that don't even understand how to post a link or why they should lol, but then again with ning, spread positive light everywhere, and eventually creator's will either ship up or ship out. Either way, never let them see you fume, they will think they are right about something.

Sorry, but this wasn't a Ning admin, and I do not feel I was getting "bent over nothing". This was a regular member who apparently felt the need to copy and paste conversations into her files for her later use (whatever that may have been.)  How else would she have possession of comments that had been deleted???  That is totally out of line and she has no authority to do that.

Also, Allison, who IS a Ning admin, agreed with me that my deleted comments should NOT have been reposted without my permission. She has removed that post, as she should have.

This chick has been rude to me for a LONG time, so this wasn't just a case of me "having a bad day". 

But, that is all over and done with.  I'm not dwelling on it anymore.  We have all received a nasty gram from Allison to stop the bickering, so I'm following the rules of the admins, just like I expect  my own members to follow MY rules.

At least you finally got it resolved...ish. Glad to hear they did something about it. My money says she saved the emails of the conversations and reposted from them.

 I am not saying you are not at the right of yourself to tell them what you want them to do. No, nothing like that.

Just if someone was rude to me then I would "blink" lol as I do often and then ask myself if I thought that they had ever been outside their house and were not glued to their computer screen.

Creators' forum is not everything. IT will be ok. THis chic is probably rude to you because you are a ning allstar there, and they feel jaded, like they are no one. People take everything on a screen like they would if you were walking in walmart, and you saw a group of teeny boppers looking at your man, and then they would be like "look at his girlfriend she looks like such a skank" lol has happened to me and I was like "hello not in your age bracket even what are you looking at?" you see what I mean, could be this girl's trip. I have been guilty of that before as well but never at creator's, she perceives you to be someone high and mighty above her while she is nothing, so she could have copied everything just to make herself look like she was paying attention, to be chosen as an all star lol People's perceptions are as crooked as a three dollar bill.

Oh lord. LOL 

I got to be a superstar just for helping people and answering questions. I don't know squat about code or even how this stuff works.  LOL I copy and paste everyone else's codes.  There is nothing to envy, and I've already burned my 3 free months of premiums over a year ago. LOLOL

There's no glitz and glamour that comes with that little star.  :)

Hey! Why was I not invited to this soiree? 

It was getting to me too, as you well know. Had to leave for a bit, take a breather. Though I've since returned, I've made some changes to how I participate in the Creators forums.

Since receiving the "cease and desist" email from Glam (which I felt was somewhat undeserving), I choose my discussions wisely. Discussions where someone has requested information or assistance, I respond, and then stop following the discussion. In the future, I think what I will do when posting a tip is close the discussion, and suggest to readers who require further assistance, to contact me in private. This way the information I am providing won't get lost in arguments.

People think the problem was with nc's choosing sides, debating which of the platforms was better. Not true. From the beginning there were individuals spreading misinformation about the platform, which added to the shock and confusion already taking place at Creators. On top of that, we had to deal with people who were being rude and disrespectful, without provocation. One Ning nc tried to derail a discussion I posted to help other nc's, and I had to (politely, but sternly) put him in place. Twice. He then proceeded to malign my character at Youtube, and when I blocked his one Youtube account, he sent me a message through another Youtube account. That kind of behavior is uncalled for.

The other thing you mention is moderation. Eric did an admirable job of keeping order there (though, as Jen can tell you, he's dropped the ball a couple of times himself). To be fair to Allison, she has her hands full, probably more so than Eric ever did. She has to deal with having to assuage people's concerns about the new platform, as well as defend it. She also has to moderate the forum, handle tech issues, and more.

Once the dust settles, I expect that things will return to "normal". Well about as normal as it gets at Creators.

I love reading your rants, Diane. No one does it better, or with such panache as you. LOL



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