I have to vent.  (If you want to delete my rant, Jen, you can. I won't get mad.)

When I first got my own network, I didn't know ANYTHING. I didn't even know what HTML was. The Creator's Forum was a godsend for me.  Everyone was friendly back then. Okay, to be honest, even back then there were a few unpleasant people, but Eric quickly put them in their place, and if they didn't straighten their act up, he shipped them out. Some will say unfairly, but I'm not going to get into any arguments about that in this thread.

The place has changed drastically and I can barely tolerate being there anymore. No one is keeping order anymore, it seems. It's a free for all in there. Eric was a much more visible presence, and that presence is gone now. Not sure what is going on, whether they don't have the staff to pay attention to the forum, but the frustration level is getting high. Ning is hardly addressing any issues on there.  Their absence is very NOTABLE, especially to someone who was around 3 years ago. I can tell the difference.

Until they bring some order to that forum, I'm out of there. I'm sick to death of the whiny posts and the negativity and the trolling.

I'm going to say it...out loud.  I LOVE 3.0!!  

Yes, it has missing features, DUH.  Yes, it's still in beta. DUH. No, it isn't 2.0. DUH!  But I LOVE it anyway, and I think it's going to be an incredible platform once it's finished and they begin to add the frills to it.  But apparently you can't say anything positive about it or defend Ning in any way or you get attacked for being a green minion or an ass kisser. 


Thanks for letting me vent.

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Writer Chick,

Vent all you want. I think some of it is the new "round" of Creators - - maybe? I don't help anything like I did for years, for various reasons. It's not what it was, no doubt about it. But, I can't say that I feel it's the level of moderation as much as just the "people" and egos.

Best to you as always,


Right there with ya girl. Why I keep to myself and watch from a distance. Many NCs are lazy...cocky....and arrogant. It's the new generation that thinks they are entitled to everything they want, but won't work for any of it. I don't want to share a lot of my work because of that (and people like to steal it for their own). 3.0 isn't there yet, but some forget some of the headaches we had in the past. Good thing I'm not running the show.

You are not alone my friend. Eventually the babies will conform or be gone.

Well said. =)

Good to see ya Jen. Any plans for the 3.0 VIP yet? This place has always been our venting sanctuary :)

Hi Fire-Tech,

Great to see you and Diane.

Sorry it's taking so long. Part of it is time and not enough of it. But most of it is, we don't want to introduce some magic that might break. The weekend of the mobile navigation nightmare taught me a valuable lesson. I had to fix about 7 Client sites, and it was no easy fixing. Bottom line: We want the platform to be complete or close before opening the VIP Club. And, we may go ahead and introduce the Club early if we feel confident about some of the tips and code.

Thanks for asking,


No worries. I'm doing the same thing :)

Yes, I've had to clamp down on my fingers more than once to keep them from typing, "If you hate it so much, just effing LEAVE!"   lol  I'm amazed at my restraint.

I'm proud of you :)

It is tempting. LOL!

I just watched a documentary called "Bully". One thing I came away with is that it's up to the school administration to set the tone. It is too ironic there are all these webinars about managing a community advocated by a community that doesn't seem to put it into practice.
In the documentary, a common reply of school administration is "kids will be kids" but I am pretty sure that is not the philosophy that is practiced with their own kids. Over on Ning Creators the context invites the content. The context is one of uncertainty to me.

Considering the atmosphere over at Ning Creators I believe an unexpected announcement is coming. I highly recommend backing up everything using your Data Archive tools and prepare for the worst. If I am wrong the worst that would happen is that you have your stuff backed up. Take responsibility in a proactive fashion so you are not the victim in a reactive fashion.

In the future the idea of having a company introducing an incomplete platform and charging for it in the midst of 500 errors and short staff will probably occur as shocking compared to this present time where I feel we have just reconciled with ourselves that this is normal. I think it seems bearable because we are transitioning from 2.0 but for new Ning customers it is probably much clearer how insane this all seems.

Hi Garfield,

Thanks for your thoughts. I have to put my 2 cents in on this one:

"Considering the atmosphere over at Ning Creators I believe an unexpected announcement is coming."

I don't believe any unexpected announcement is coming, not whatsoever. Let's hope I'm right on this one! Glam has too much invested in this. I agree that Creators isn't what it was, but it's not all that bad (IMHO). It's not what it was because there is a new type of User-base, new platform, and new Admins. But, this is just my opinion. ;-)

Best Regards,


When you delete comments in a discussion, don't you have some expectation that they are NOT going to reappear later???  Another creator just reposted my DELETED comments and all it accomplished was to start drama in a thread. I deleted all of my comments because the creator I was talking to made an unnecessary negative comment about another creator. I refuse to be involved in bashing others BY NAME. So, I deleted everything to do with the conversation. And here comes someone behind me and REPOSTS my deleted comments WITHOUT my permission!!! I'm fuming right now and have asked HER and Allison to take down her post. 

When I delete my damned comments I expect them to STAY deleted! Am I being unreasonable here???  Would this make anyone else mad, or am I overreacting??? 



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