I see all the bigger social networking platforms listed here but there is a really cool one i am missing here, the name is Shoutem.


Shoutem is also a social networking platform, to create your own Twitter-style community.


Wonder why they are not listed here or do they have to notify Jensocial of this themselves if they want to be listed between the bigger social networking platforms?



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I was one of the early beta testers for Shoutem, and gave them a lot of feedback and ideas that were ultimately implemented. I guess I don't think of their platform as a Social Network Community type platform, but more of a Twitter type interface.

You've made a good point though. We need to spread the word more about Shoutem, excellent interface!

Statements from the Shoutem site under Feature Highlights:
You need your social network to be simple and easy to use for your users?

You want it in real-time, optimized for mobile and location-based?
With ShoutEm you can create and run all kinds of networks for different purposes. And by selecting the set of features that best suits your needs, you can make sure that the look and feel suits your audience.

Hi Jen,

Thanks for featuring this discussion, i didn't expect this to happen :) Thanks bunches for this.

I am using Shoutem for multiple purposes and compared to you, i DO see shoutem networks as a social network, you can do practically the same with it, only it has a different outlook and works like Twitter!

I mean, it is a network and you make SOCIAL contacts there :)

What i love about shoutem is that all shouts are SEO optimized, it's very easy to find shouts i posted, back on google.. i really love the system and therefore i think it should be listed as social networking platforms between the others on the bottom of the pages here!

Thanks for featuring Shoutem...(as if it's my service haha)
Hey Psycheland,
I've only added a few of the Social Networking Platforms to the bottom bar, of what's available. I don't have plans to add any new ones for now. But, I'll consider this in the future.

I may however, create a new Group for Shoutem Network Creators.

Thanks again for bringing this up.
Hi Jen,

That would be awesome. I already suggested on the shoutem support network for them to create a group here on Jensocial that could function as a forum for them, especially when people have longer question (their support networks allows only so much characters and thet is not enough for indepth discussions, only for short and brief answers.

However, i understand their point of view, because they ofcourse like to use their own baby as a support network :) and show the 'power of tweeting' in their own product.

On the other hand, sometimes people like longer and deep discussions and then their limited characters aren't enough, so it would be great if there was a group for Shoutem here on Jensocial, it would give them a bit more fame ;) Beause i believe they deserve that because Shoutem is an awesome service and their team is just wonderful!

Thanks again!



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