Has anyone figured out how to do this on Ning? It looks like we'll get a text box available on the header at some point.

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Move Left
<marquee onmouseover='this.stop();' onmouseout='this.start();' scrolldelay='125' scrollamount='3' direction='left' height='74' vspace='0' bgcolor='#FFFFFF' style='font-family: Times New Roman; color: #33cccc; font-size:15px;'>Replace with your message here</marquee>

You can make this scrolling text scroll up, down, left or right, just by changing the blue left for your need. 

You can also change how fast your message scrolls across the screen by changing the number behind scrollamount='3' (1 being very slow 8 being fast.)

You can change the color of the font as well just replace #33cccc with your color choice.  Need a color picker try http://www.colorschemer.com/colorpix_info.php You can change the size of the text or font as well.

I use mine on the front page of my network and in a text box or any where you want the scrolling text to appear.

You can see mine in action at http://livelaughlovetoshop.com



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