Hello Jen, I hope i have put this Q in the right location.

Jen i am trying to change the colour of the Text and size please from my new member sign up page, it is real hard to read and the text is so small any help would be greatly appreciated :)

He is a screen shot from new member sign up 

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Yes, this is the perfect place to ask. ;-) Can you share the link to your site?

Hello Jen, i am part of your VIP group but if you remember i had trouble knowing were to put a disc last time i was here lol

my site is somewhat private Jen , I'm sure we talked about this many months ago and we had a solution or you did so i'm not sure why it's yellow again .

But if you can still provide that css Jen that would be a big help, 

I hope your week has been Good :)


Just go back to private message then. Send the link. It's much easier for me to inspect the live code. If I look on my site, it could be different due to custom css. I'll post the answer here for others.



Thanks so much Jen :) 

If i could just get the Index code, the one that refers to this element i believe i can write the rest of the code myself, look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Hi Dave,

Sorry, not real sure what you mean. There are unique ids for each of the instances you need. The top level id (maybe what you're calling index) is different for several pages. If I could have done quickly, would have loved to do this for you. Not saying no, yet. =)



This would be an example Jen

fieldset#signin.dy-form-1.account.clear {

Ok Jen i have sorted it all out, there is only one element id that eludes me but i can live with that lol :)



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