Photos are a big part of my network and I have placed on the top of my cedar theme.  That said, I cannot find a place to edit the number of pictures to display on home page.  Currently I have eight pictures loaded and all eight are on display eating up a tone of real estate. For the life of me I cannot find a way to limit the display to one or two allowing my blog to appear above the fold. I figure if members want to see all photos they will dig in deeper by going into photos. Of course, my first choice would be an html slide show, but I could live with just one or two photos at the top.  That said, if you know of some code for an html slide show that works well with 3.0 on home page, I am all ears.  Thanks.  Neil

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OK, answered the first part of my question. It is under home page, in the photo box, under "show".  Still interested in anyone that has integrated a html slide show.  Also interested in sharing my photos on other websites.  Can the ning photo display be easily imported into another website via api?

Hi Neil,

I'm a little confused on the original question, due to your solution. The "show" on home page would be Ning 2.0. For others reading this, to change the number of photos displayed on home page for Ning 3.0, it takes a few more steps.  Edit your home page via your Toolbar. Click on the 1st icon: Social Site Manager, then Sites & Pages, locate your photo module on the home page, click on the photo module, and you'll see the "show" feature.

In regards to an HTML slide show for Ning 3.0, there isn't a built-in feature yet. And, no, there is no way to easily display photos from a Ning site to another site. The only feature Ning offers so far is an RSS link to our photos. However, the RSS page just shows the links to the photos on most RSS Readers. The way to access that link:

And, make sure your photo module is named "photos".



Thank you Jen.  That pretty much clears up my questions. 




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