Ning's Big Announcement May 4, 2010 - What News Do You Want to Hear? Live Chat Session After the News!

Well, we're almost there. On May 4, 2010, Ning is planning to make quite possibly, the biggest announcement made since the inception and implementation of the first Ning Network. This announcement will potentially impact 1000's upon 1000's, of Ning Networks - - Owners and Members.

The announcement is expected to be the huge finale to the first announcement: "phasing out free Ning Networks", and a huge beginning for the new Ning.

The big day is soon approaching. As far as anyone knows, a specific time has not been announced. If a time is reported, I will post it here.

So what happens on May 4, 2010?
If Ning CEO Jason Rosenthal keeps his public commitment, and I suspect he will; Ning will announce the future of free Ning Networks, in regards to how they will be "phased out". We are hoping and expecting to hear  key points like:
  • Premium rates, packages, etc...
  • What constitutes a premium network?
  • Exactly how long will free networks have to migrate?
  • What type of migration path will Ning provide, to free networks who choose to move to another platform?
  • And, we also hope to hear some key information on what type of new features Ning has in the Development pipe for the future.

As soon as we hear a peep, we'll send out an announcement.

This discussion is a great place for you to voice: What news do you want to hear?

Following the May 4, 2010 announcement, Jen will host a live chat session on JenSocial. The Chat will start as close to the announcement as possible, and will be held in the Skysa Bar Chat Room (upper right) - - in top Ning Bar area next to "Breaking News". You never know who may show up. ;-)

Here's hoping for a better outcome than anyone has imagined...

Hopefully I'll get to meet you tomorrow in our live chat session, and hear your thoughts after the announcement. I would love to hear from you - - would truly be my honor.

Best to everyone,
Founder of JenSocial (formerly the Ning Directory)

Wonder what team you'll end up on?
Regardless, if you own a Social Network, we'd love to have you on JenSocial:
Social Network Directory and Network Creator Hub, for all platforms!

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My Wishes:

  • All non-profit and Educational sites remain 100% free.
  • The smallest premium rate, which is no more than any hosting fee, anywhere, will constitute premium.
  • Announcement of future features that will help monetize Ning Networks, make the Networks more engaging to members, and basically knock our socks off.



From across the waters, I will be online for the announcement Hmmmm what time is that exactly?????
I don't think anyone knows, yet.
A last-minute reprieve from the governor would be nice....

Great stuff. LOL!
Good points.
i hope the outcome is good, i worked very hard for my ning site and i really hope to keep it,..

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Well, you know how it can go...


Keeping my fingers crossed...

White Light
Lets hope that the decision made by ning, should be in everyones favour....

I wish everyone Best of luck & m keepn my fingers crossed

god bless all NC
I am with you Jen
My wish would be that

Non- profit and educational sites remain fee free.

I have no problem with the idea of commercial ventures being required to pay for services. In fact I would think that businesses that work via networks would be looking for the extra services and apps that the premium memberships afford their groups.

The group I run is non profit and is a support group for women in need.
I think social networks are a crucial and important part of healing.
And they need to be on networks that have a large and established network of people so that we reach a wide audience. I have been through the MSN migration and it has taken a long time for the group to begin to recover. So this new development could not have happened at a worse time for my membership.




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