Ning Pros! New File Manager: Upload Files and Make a Splash with a Custom Main Page!

I have to admit, this isn't what I was hoping for, but still a fantastic new feature for Pro Ning Networks! Finally, if you don't have WebDav access from the old days, you can NOW create a Splash page for your Ning Network!

Original Announcement on the Ning Creator Site:

Basically, Ning has added a new feature called the Ning File Manager. You can add files to your Ning Network via the Dashboard: My Network/Content/File Manager

You can then assign your new file as your home page, or Splash page! For example, let's say you want your members to see an opening entrance page, this feature will enable you to do just that!

The possibilities of creativity are endless. Have fun!

Advanced Web Masters (This does not work like a standard FTP - File Transfer Protocol) - -  The only catch here is: You cannot edit a file, upload the file again, and not have to either (1) change the file path in code, or (2) reassign a Custom Link. From what I'm looking at, I believe you can reassign a Custom Link to your new uploaded file, and this would at least save the laborious step of having to change the file path in code like js, or in the Custom Code Box. Please let me know if you agree.

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Yup. This is a good move on ning's part to make being a pro user, much more sensible. For anybody reading this that does not understand how important this move now have ftp privileges as a pro user and you can create content independent from ning on software such as dreamweaver or microsoft expression along with embedded files and upload it to the ning server. Although there are limitations which might annoy experienced web designers, it is a great companion move to bring it to a social network. It will make creating visual content, much more fun and challenging.
And Jen...altho I don't consider myself advanced...I believe you are least it looks that way, to me.
I would consider you "Advanced", no doubt. Thanks Tom. I tested it like this:
  1. I uploaded mytestfile.html
  2. I assigned a custom link to this file.
  3. I again, uploaded the test file.
  4. I assigned the same custom link, and which I wanted to see, received an error message that custom link was already in use.
  5. I deleted original file.
  6. I reassigned custom link to new file, and it worked.

Now, I need to test for .js and .css
.......not for ning plus???
Sorry Mike. They announced it as just being for Ning Pro.
thanks Jen,

I dont think its fair for me to keep paying the monthly bill and not get the features that was promised to us,...whats next,....i really wanted that feature but i refuse to 50 bucks, thinking about downgrading to ning mini,....=[
I wasn't aware that Ning had made promises for the Plus Plan that they hadn't kept. That's not good. Just be aware if you downgrade to the mini, you can't access your CSS or Custom Code box.
i know,... thanks Jen, i guess i'll stick around on the ning plus
I have a plus account for and they seem to be delivering everything they promised. What did they not give us, Mike? (not to cause a problem...just curious)
Why Ning did this the first place lol .
Ooops. Small problem. Don't know if it can be fixed. I created a splash page. (I renamed it splash.html) and it works, however the "magic" text box that I use from my scipts4ning old account is showing up on the top half of the page. So, for those few of you that might still be using "magic" text boxes from your scripts4ning might have to decide not to use it or the splash page. I have asked ning if the code can be adjusted to accommodate both the splash page and the magic text box. However, I am pretty sure there is a three column css or js fix in one of the threads here or on creators. Can anybody point me to three column across box for ning?
Hi Tom,
You might could add custom CSS to remove the S4N box, as a temporary fix.
You know what...I am not thinking clearly. I jumped too quick. I can just move the stuff in the magic text box to the splash page in a table. Then it will load pretty quickly and the main page will also load faster. Duh. Sometimes the left side of my brain does not know what the right side is doing.



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