Anyone have any recommendations, on a social networking platform that contains a mobile solution that actually works. I am looking for private messaging capability, and basic social network functionality that exists in facebook and myspace. Nings Timeline is costing us alot of money. Trying to assemble bits and pieces of partially working components, is also very time consuming. Just need something that works. We've also tried groups, social go & Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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IMO, the only Social Community building platform that can really be compared, you have to maintain and host your software and files. That would be Social Engine. This can get into some serious monthly cost. I do like Social Engine's hosted service, the cloud. I really haven't tested it for mobile:

It's a nice platform alternative. But, it doesn't offer all that Ning does.

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Hi Jen,

I'm a bit confused when I look over SocialEngineCloud's templates-  would I be able to pick a basic template and then change all the colors, font styles, etc myself?    The templates I'm seeing look pretty dry and facebook-y.  Do I have the ability to punch in all my own color schemes?

Also- does SECloud offer a section where memebrs can upload their own music MP3 clips and youtube videos, without my having to add them individually for the members?

thanks for any help you can give me- I couldn't find that info right away on the SE website in the demos.



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