Ning Directory by Jen will become a Directory for ALL Social Networks

Ning Directory by Jen announces that soon they will become a Directory and Hub for all social networks, sounds good right!  I am looking forward to this..I thought we will not be welcome here after Ning phase out all Freemium Networks, I hope they will as our NING network will be shut down soon,. Thanks in advance!

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Hi EPNetwork!
I'm really happy to hear, you like what you heard about the future of this site. ;-)

I definitely don't want members (friends) to feel forced to leave. And, most importantly, don't want them to be removed from the comradeship of fellow Network Creators, regardless of the chosen platform.

I think the Directory will be better than ever. In fact, I know it will. I was already leaning towards this (hence the word addition "Jen's"), even before the announcement from Ning. This just gave me the perfect excuse to move forward.

Thank you for your kinds words!



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