Ning Plus and Pro Pricing Increase

Just announced by Ning's CEO Jason Rosenthal, effective after July 20, 2011, Ning's Pro and Plus Subscription Plans will increase. You will have the opportunity to purchase your plans on an Annual basis to maintain the current pricing.
The new pricing will be:

According to Jason, Ning has added all kinds of new features in the past year, with major investments for an improved platform, better platform performance - - making Ning subscriptions more valuable.


He mentions the following features that have been implemented this past year:

Ning Design Studio, Social Sign-in, Leaderboards, Like Buttons and Ning Everywhere.

He then talks about the "up and coming" "Paid Access", which will enable Ning Network Creators to charge for membership for a Network or Special Content. Ning Network Creators may take issue or be confused with the mention of the "Paid Access" module in this announcement. There's an additional monthly fee to activate the new module when it's available: $19.95. It's not included in the "more valuable subscription" features.


Mr. Rosenthal completes the announcement with comments about the upcoming Activity Feed that will offer better member engagement.


My immediate thoughts are:

  • The new Activity Feed rocks, no doubt about it. Ning Members can add Status Updates from the home page, comment on other member's Status Updates, make comments on Photos, Videos, videos inline, and more.
  • The other new Features are great too. There's no denying it.
  • The platform has hit an all time high on uptime, instead of downtime, at about 99% uptime according to Ning.


But here are the questions:

  • How will Ning Network Creators react?
  • Is Ning soon to be the platform of choice for the larger player? Is it becoming too cost prohibitive for smaller business?
  • What do you think?


To be fair, I'll tell you all what I feel about the increase, in a little more detail:

I feel it's a bit too sudden for some NCs. And I feel the "paid access" should be included. Aside from those I'm okay with it - - especially if we continue to receive a stronger and better product. But, would I be okay with yearly increases? Absolutely not.


Ning provides a phone number for anyone who has questions about this upcoming change. Jason encourages you to give them a ring at 888-278-4386 if you are located in the U.S. or Canada, or 650-713-3158 if you are located outside of these countries.


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This is a nice feature to, who are always quick to respond in the support forums (and messages)
There is still no support in Spanish, but there are possibly other Spanish-speaking webmasters who may can help

Also, I think the plugin is already available for your Spanish language site

I think it's too sudden.  A little warning would have been appreciated.  I also didn't see it coming that there would be increase in price only a year after Ning decided to charge the NC.  However I feel that the continual improvements and anticipated changes may make it worth it.  As much as I get frustrated with Ning over minor issues for myself and members I really have to say my network has had relatively few technical issues.  I've asked for help once or twice in a year's time and one problem was not even a direct site issue. No down time for maintenance, all changes rolled in nicely - that's impressive over all.    I'll continue paying as long as I see my membership grow and site activity remaining busy.
It's too soon for these increases. It seems they'd really like to phase out those who already struggle to keep their sites going. We'll be leaving for cerain I think. It's not so terribly hard to create something similar with joomla or drupal without having to pay so much. I am disappointed in this decision.
I am not happy about this, l just hope they do not increase it every year. I was happy with their price before and l do not use all their upgrades,  l guess l will paid and see what happens next year.
I'm with Mike on this...I'll wait and see what happens in the coming months, and I understand that they've added alot of new features.  But when will it end?  They just changed over the entire format to no more 'free' ning a year ago, and now is increasing their fees.  I'm ok with it providing they do NOT go up on their fees within the next 2 years...if they do, I'll probably have to go elsewhere, as by that point, they'd be interested in the big sites that can bring in the $...tsk, tsk.

I don't like they increase it up to 20%-25%. My salary doesn't have 25% increasing yet. This is not about I can afford to or not. I've changed my plan from PRO to PLUS and pay by monthly. If they want it to be a rich guys' toy. They can do it. I think they need new business model. Otherwise they'll keeping increase 25% every year.

I think NING should release the paid access feature first. Teach most of the creators how to use it to make money then increase price.

So what about paid access doesn't work for the many creators?

If this increasing is for the paid access. Then should increase the PRO price and decrease the PLUS.

I know of a few sites that are struggling and this will certainly finish them off. We all share sites, but members cannot contribute to all the sites they are on.

As for the up and coming Paid Access that Ning are talking about, Network Creators beware and get real, you will not make money but will pay more to Ning, your members will never go for that as they are also members of other sites.

Ning is squeezing as much blood out of us as they can. don't forget we (Creators) are actually working for them! Social Parody is still free, maybe does not have all that Ning can offer, but is a good alternative, and at least has a search engine for other sites.

Until Network Creators start voting with their feet by moving their sites, Ning will not change and will find ways to increase charges more. The longer you are with Ning the more difficult it will be to move as you will have built up your membership.

I had a great site with Ning which I personally paid for, but they were useless at solving problems and ignored requests to do so. I and my Network partner Hidden Soldier put years of personal time and effort into our site with no thanks from Ning who deleted it in error!
This is absolutely disgusting I have complained about a spammer issue and have not even received a reply and they want more money. I have not asked for any of these supposed upgrades and it hasn't even been one year and the price is being jacked. Hey Jason JACK THIS ASSHOLE   I new he was nothing more than a NWO puppet PuttZ. I know many many creator's who are just scraping by as it is me for one and I know many will say fk you to NING
So it looks like a "fore you to buy" thing. I can choose upgrade my Adobe CS5 or not but I don't have much chooses with NING. And many features are still BETA or NOT RELEASED yet. So NING want to train us to pay more for what we are testing or can only imaging? We are customers not investors.
I called the call in number and many ??? were answered and Ideas i had listened to I'm still not happy at the prices being jacked this early in the game all I can say now is We Will have To see What5 happen in the short of it

This is a blow for the smaller sites on ning  ~ How many of us will stay and pay or find another platform.

Seriously  thinking about what options are available.

So it is to believe that every 12 months ning will jack up the prices??????   and forcing more fantastic sites to leave well I will be one of them leaving

To the benefit of this, there will be less NING-look websites. And all these NING-look websites are successful!!!

And pls tell me if you find other good social website programs. 



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