Ning Announces Ability to Add Paid-Access to Your Ning Networks, Coming Soon!

Ning has gone above and beyond what I expected for the first planned rollout, to add the ability to charge members for access to Ning Networks.


According to this announcement on Creators, these are the areas you will be able to offer paid access to your Members:

  • Paid Membership: Collect membership fees from your community.
  • Paid Groups: Create spaces for members to network, collaborate and access special content.  
  • Paid Content: Provide a destination “Page” for members to access premium content such as reports, tutorials, embedded webinars, videos and more.
  • Donations: Ask for member donations to keep your community going or to benefit your (or any) cause.


Ning Network Creators: When the feature is released (beta starts on selected sites June 30, 2011), you'll be able to build Paid Access to special Groups, Special Content in Pages, and you can charge membership to your Ning Network. You can ask for a donation, or set a subscription fee with subscription length.


This is all your choice. In fact, it's considered an add-on to the Ning platform and can be activated for any plan: Mini, Plus, or Pro. The add-on monthly fee is: $19.95, which seems a bit stiff to me. But weighing all the factors of how powerful this new functionality will be, the monthly fee will pay for itself quickly. The PayPal fees are still there, Ning just handles it for you.


  • To read all the details go to Ning Creators, here.
  • For those of you who would like to apply for the beta, go here. The planned release date for all Ning Networks is mid-July.
  • FAQ for Paid Access is here.


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Not happy with the idea that we have to pay a monthly fee for it...What if I'm charging $30 for access to content and only one member make a purchase for the month, Ning would get $20 and I get $10. 


Maybe a percentage on each sale, say 5% plus $1 on each sale. 20 sale and Ning will make $20 plus 5% on overall sale.

Great! my site can't use paid membership because I don't think NING can handel the COPY contents satff. But maybe my member want to try paid group. :)

And I don't want people donate me, I prefer they donate charities.

I think it's good idea to have a paid group that is: You can always get the answer you want!

I'll love to try but have no idea how to charge.

An alternative to Paid Access is to charge people for membership per se, or to ask new members to make a donation. If you set up an alternative Home Page (using File Manager) you can incorporate a donation or subscription widget such as PayPal. This can be voluntary or compulsory depending on your network. If you'd like more information on this concept please message me.

We've set up an alternative to the Paid Access add-on



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