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Hello Jen, I would like to have a picture for my footer 420 high by auto

Thanks :)

Hi Dave,

I'm not sure what you're requesting. If this is a custom job, can you send me a private email?



Gotcha. Give this a try. I used Ning's image for the example code:

footer {
     backgroundurl("https://www.ning.com/wp-content/themes/ning/images/footer.jpg") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent!important;

interesting how they are using Wordpress to hold their content, eh?

Yeah. =) I guess they consider it the best for publishing, and Ning best for Community. But I agree. It does make one pause.

Take care,


Hi Jen, i wouldn't exactly call it a custom job i just want to display a picture of my choice in the footer like Ning 3, i have the picture uploaded to file manager just need a few lines of css to implement this.

example below ... i don't need any of the links in this example natually .


Thanks Jen for your speedy reply , will let you know :)

Thanks Again.

It seemed to be off the bottom by about 195px i added 

margin-top: 10%;

and it seemed to be fine, it's on the bottom.

Thanks for your help Jen :)

My pleasure, happy it worked out.


Hello Jen!

I am having fun in 3.0 but all of my layouts except for the Main Page are low on the page. Can you help me with CSS to make the layout higher on the screen? It looks off. Thanks In Advance!

My 3.0 Sandbox (this is one of 10 pages) Most are sub-tabs under E.FM


Hi Edie,

It's the height of your header. And, I'm not sure if you're ever showing it. So, afraid to say just hide it. I think I would start by adjusting the height. Currently it is:

header {
Try following in Custom CSS:
header {
      height: 35px!important;


You better try:




Or, it will hide part of your subtabs.



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