Wow, so much discussion on, we need more than Goggles to dodge the flying debris. Maybe a pair of knee high boots would help, too?


Ning 3.0 - - With all that's been discussed, from boycotts to debates, promises and rumors, you staying or going?



I'm up for the challenge, excited about the end product, and moving forward. What about you?

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That's perfectly fine. As I said before, to each their own. My members believe the site is amazing, and I'm sure your members believe the same of yours. I just personally do not like the design. I believe the images do not mesh well with the overall look of the site and the transparency kind meshes up the wording. The modules don't really pop out, more so the background itself is the only thing that pops. Maybe simply by adding some module borders and box-shadows it would look better to me. But then again that is my own personal opinion.

Staying :)

...I was using Ning for five or six years ago, and I am back now and looking forward to this adventure :)

I will be very happy when there is more apps etc etc...but I can wait for something good :)

I am staying and going. My Mission is staying for one year. I just started a new super social network named soaring social media that is in Ning 3.0. I seriously love Ning 3.0.



Definitely staying.  :)

We made our move from Ning to Oxwall and we couldn't be any more happy. We went from having nearly no members after the change to ning 3.0 to having almost 1000 within a month of our opening on oxwall at Roleplay Social.

Ning 3.0 has turned to utter crap in my opinion. Sure it works better for mobile devices, but the rest of the site features and layout are horrible.

Oxwall has some of the best and most logical features for any true Social Network. 

Our members couldn't be any happier. Hundreds have joined us from Bebo and they say that they will never ever return, because our site is just so much better and easier to use.

Visit us here:



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