Wow, so much discussion on, we need more than Goggles to dodge the flying debris. Maybe a pair of knee high boots would help, too?


Ning 3.0 - - With all that's been discussed, from boycotts to debates, promises and rumors, you staying or going?



I'm up for the challenge, excited about the end product, and moving forward. What about you?

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Definitely staying. How could I not when I have so much to look forward to and such amazing friends. I was sceptical but have changed my mind.

Happy you changed your mind!

From my initial look at the Sandbox test sites it is starting to open up my mind to the possibilities that exist.  I run a music site dependent on mp3 uploads and the member map and  I will have to solve this problem as well. How solveable is this at a reasonable cost I don't know.

On cost, yes a big increase. The advertised cost also ignores the hidden cost to existing nc's of designing the new site and dealing with the mp3 and member map issue above.  Ignoring existing creators for the moment what I can't understand is that Ning 3.0 will have to compete for new customers with all the other platforms and their price point will therefore have to be market set and competitive.  If they are not they will not be able to compete and win new customers.  Question is, Are they competitive for the product they are offering when the full 3.0 is rolled out?

Hi Tony,

I agree, huge possibilities. I think when 3.0 has all major modules rolled-out, and the notification improvements, no Social Community Building platform will be able to compete.

In regards to mp3, I'm not really sure how to lead you on that. There are lot of music sites, and hoping they offer up good ideas on Creators or JenSocial.

For the Member Map, I'm thinking there is probably a 3rd party service that offers a way for Members to add their location to the map. In fact, I know I've used it, just can't remember. When I think of it, I'll report it here.



Remember that very first Ning of all the bells and whistles. for Free they just had ads on every page.
Now over the years You would think that  the collective of responsible and dedicated Creators of sites should be getting a bone or wafer or two- from all the years of patient commodery...but alas...the intent is to tear down the entire foundation...and I am not speaking the that is just o's and 1's -codes and groups of codes.
No,  IMHO, the people are far more important in the eyes of quality administration as it should be.
NING is at another crossroads...for many of us.Right now they are Freely Using many qualified Creators to do their work of testing offering yet another bone...fully knowing that with 6 months off hard will keep that and pay the tab...Smart -corporately. but missing the Altruism mark that the creative -global village is leaning toward..nice...but really it is usery.

As to the platform or Bone of contention' they are taking away many features ( EG Music)  placing perhaps thousands of Indie type groups out the door...Thanks Ning.
No Videos and telling you that after years of uploading under private label...that option is to, out the door....What Gives is us always bowing down...Sad times in the Ning global community.
  WE just got Dinged instead of rewarded for our faithfulness...


I hear where you're coming from, and sorry to hear it. I hope you're able to find a solution. According to Ning, you do know that your existing uploaded videos will transfer over to Ning 3.0, right? You just can't upload new videos, only with embedded code.

Best of luck,


Aha- redemption..what Video is already there-will transfer. That is a positive note. :-)
Still the music -groups are in sad trouble - at least in the present plans...<>
One of our sites uses the Music option for Audio desemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah -from Bnei Baruch -which at present.will be an out the door feature.
So with that many still are at a crossroads. EG; finances and (APIs  at a higher premium) and audio issues and..more Ning.
WE have a question -
Jen-writes: I think when 3.0 has all major modules rolled-out, and the notification improvements, no Social Community Building platform will be able to compete.

Q: What 'other' major-modules..can the people expect... WE do not know presently???
Will they solve these Audio-Video-issues...???

I am staying.  I'll just do what I have always done - if I see a feature that Ning has not provided, I'll build it myself!  Of course not everyone can do that.  I will try to help by releasing some free tips but I'll also continue to sell mods and apps for those who want them.

I am optimistic about Ning 3.0 and look forward to what Ning gives us and what we have to build ourselves.

Best wishes!


I'm not all that thrilled about reworking the things I put so much time into, but I'd have to do the same thing if I moved to another platform anyhow. I had grown tired of suggesting changes and fixes for basic things like search functions and major group improvements, so I'm excited (fingers crossed) that we may have some more versatility. 

The simple fact is that this is a business. Glam would not have purchased us with the intent to fail. Even if they are truly ignorant, we may get a better platform that fits our diverse needs. They have some deep pockets, but more importantly they seem to be listeNing!

Change is never easy, but necessary to evolve and grow.

I'm in...with high hopes :)

Fire-Tech! As usual, I couldn't have said it better. ;-)

Definitely staying. I'm liking the fresh, new look.

I hate my old network already!  lol

Hi everyone, unexpected downtime. Will write tomorrow.



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