First of all, thank you to everyone that contributes here.  I'm new to the ning community and this place has been a godsend when it comes to CSS.

Onto my issue... and I apologize if its tabboo to post the same message here as in ning creators... if that's the case, it won't happen again - I'm just at a loss on this issue:


I need to post 3 images in one module on my front page for an effect in the graphic design.  No matter what I do or how I try... I cannot get rid of the spacing between the images with this new text editor... Any ideas on this?

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Hi Jen!


Thanks for your help!  We now have our first network open.  You can visit it at http://www.thelaststop.ning.com - We are working on our second network, TheMoneyBeets.


Thanks again!




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