We just set up www.rumbletalk.com on our site and I desperately need help inserting the following code into our ning site:

CodeI guess I basically don't know what I am supposed to put in for username and password so that it uses my member base when they are logging on.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi Rich,

If this works with the Ning platform, it would go into your Custom Code box. But, I wouldn't know what you need to insert for username and password. I would reach out to Rumbletalk for that answer.

Best of luck,


Thanks Jen lol yea that's what I don't know either and Rumbletalk said I ened to talk to ning as they don't know what the 'value' are for those two fields,  'username' and 'password' is on ning.

But thanks for your reply and help! :)



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