I want to display the entire text box across the main (home) page (Scrolling images for my Business Directory).  The images only space 1/2 the page.

Any Clues?

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Hi Jacqueline,

In Ning 2.0, we only have two layouts:

2 column (you're using)

3 column

We don't have 1 column layout. To move the right column down and widen the left column would take a good deal of CSS and coding. It's a domino effect and something I don't do. If you add these sort of tweaks, it can cause formatting issues on other parts of the site. Does that make sense?

Best Regards,


How can I get Ning 3.0?  I want to be able to change the layout to 3 column?   And yes your response makes sense.`

Hi Jacqueline,

It just hit me. Why not add your slider to one of the top Instant Ad Boxes? And, if you don't want it to show on all pages, I have a tip that will remove the slider from all pages except the home page. The Instant Ad Box is the full width of the site.



Hi Jacqueline,

Here's the tip to Show Instant Ad Box - Home Page Only



Hi Jen,  

Thanks for all of your helpful tips.  I think the last Tip (Show Instant Ad Box - Home Page Only will work.  

Sounds good.  I will try your solution

Hi Jacqueline,

How did things work out?





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