Hey guys, I have started my new website at a different domain name from I am using on Ning.  I have copied a lot of content over that I will want all links pointing to that have been made in the past. Then just a redirect of everything else to the new main page.

Here is how everything is currently setup:

Settings on Ning:

girlriders.ning.com "Redirect to Alternate Domain"  - network.girlriders.net
Settings on GoDaddy:
network  points to girlriders.ning.com
Now I have Wordpress site with domain GirlRiders.net on GoDaddy server
I have recreated several pages. For example:
network.girlriders.net/gr-blog/vnm-sportwear content has been copied to girlriders.net/vnm-sportwear
network.girlriders.net/profiles/blogs/mottowear-kira-review content has been copied to girlriders.net/mottowear-kira-review
What is the best way to be sure I don't leave broken links everywhere?  Should I setup individual redirects for each page?  Then redirect network.girlriders.net to girlriders.net to catch everything else?   Is there an easier way? 
Thanks all!  I will miss my Ning friends, but this is best for the direction my site has gone.

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