I have to ask here: I have seen that I can map the location of a video with a Google map link - on some networks it works - on some other networks this mapping link is getting lost.- you can check out your own network if you click on OPTIONS right above a video - EDIT video - then you can see a field for location and if your network provides this older NING feature right now you see a - Map it - link too.


It was a feature by NING in the past and seems that it crushed on 50 % of all networks. I haven't have this Google mapping link back. Do you have any ideas? - by the way this network doesn't have a map it link http://jensocial.com/video/de-nomine-pacem-verleih-uns/edit

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Hi Jens,

I'm sorry to report, I don't know why this is happening. I think this is one that you will need to submit a support ticket to Ning. Sorry, wish I knew.

Best Regards,


Hi jen,


I discuss this since dec 15th in the support help center.

No problem with that ... but I don't understand the logical order by NING.

Some NING Plus and Pro as well provide this - it seems retired - feature.

But maybe you know a hack to bring a google mapping back to photos and videos?




No Jens, unfortunately I don't know much about this feature, since I've never really used it. I would love to help, especially you - - but I really don't know.

Enjoy the weekend,


Oh Thank you Jen!! Have a nice weekend too !!!




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