Well folks WE were about to build up another group on this wonderful Ning platform  http://YoUNITY.info

Sadly I did a fatal error a few weeks back and crashed the last five years of files into somewhere land.../near -over the rainbow ...close to, down the road a piece...like in GONE with the wind' the OS went Bye Bye with about 150 GBs of web site files- the other side of the Partition unscathed Go Figure--where was the valuable stuff you ask...in the side, GONE with the wind'.
Yep, the unreplaceable stuff...that will take Eons of time to rebuild, if at all.
Yeah I know back up...Yeah,... not hi tech enough to be smart yet it seems, which gives opportunity. lol.


WE cried we died for a moment or eternity..which ever comes first...you get the idea.
:(  Hey stop laughing...you did it once- too..remember...

So here is the Plea: WE would like to open YoUNITY not as ours alone- but as a collective of global-creators that have a bit of comprehension of the times WE are living in and the need for the dissemination of practical information for the evolution of humanity to rise to the next level. If those words resound in you a little then you know..if not I suggest you may have fallen asleep.

Seriously You don't want to help because it goes Against your Nature...after all -beings are supplied each day by the be-er' of all things  (whatever your perception of that may be)  however the wisdom is being revealed with the help of integral education from many great sources as you may have realized...that WE all need each other in order to survive.
Simply it is a matter of what is revealed and what is hidden to you...

Despite all the obstacles WE will reach the goal of global YoUNITY.   Seven billion people with love for their neighbor,... could repair the world for one and all.

That is the meaning of Love thy neighbor s thyself, love thy Friend as Thyself¬
If you feel this connection, Join in and help create YoUNITY with us... Jim and Terry


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