I have had it up to here with NING, the support is atrocious, I have been begging for help from them for over 3 days now, and Eric just keeps telling me the same darn thing, get a support ticket, and I told him about a million times that I am no receiving the emails that contain  the support ticket information, therefor even if I fill in 20 support forms and send it, it won't matter because I am not getting emails from support. And he just keeps saying the same thing, and I have not received anything from Support, here are my posts over on creators:

Get in line, seriously, I have been trying to get in touch with them for the past 2 or 3 days. and I keep telling them I am not getting "Ticket" numbers in my email when I fill out a support form, but I keep being told to get the ticket number.


I even posted two different posts:




You are always on top of everything, i really wish you could open up your own platform! *sigh*

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I checked both links, and those discussions are gone. Let me ask this, and may be a dumb question. Any chance the automated messages with the ticket number are going to your spam box?


Also, I noticed where a member on Creators was having the same issue, and they reported earlier that it was their hotmail account. Here's that post:



Yeah would be fun to have a Social Networking platform. But, not seeing that in the stars. ;-) Thanks for your vote of confidence.


Hope it gets sorted for you soon.




It was Hotmail! , though the issue itself is still not resolved, I think NING is great, don't get me wrong however I think customer service needs a total revamp, if anything. All I had to do was change my email address and I got a ticket number, so I deleted the discussions, Thanks Jen :). I in fact, the emails didn't even go to my hotmail at all! not even to my spam box! which I checked the setting is not set to immediately delete spam messages, Boy did that cause both me AND NING much unnecessary frustration.
When I was using Hostgator, their customer service was terrific. They always have reps online 24 hours a day to talk with you online. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a consultant and they were always very polite, patient and helpful. I doubt Ning has the kind of cashflow Hostgator does, but having a few online consultants available for us creators would be wonderful. (Definitely would be worth the cost!)
Agreed, that would be nice, cause sometimes issues need immediate attention, especially billing issues. And most time nothing happens, i see people on creators begging and begging for help, it's really sad.
And it just looks bad for Ning. Potential customers are going to the creators site to see what other creators think of Ning and all they see is bad reviews. Not good for marketing at all.



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