Hey, is anyone else having problems with the button? Mine seems to work just fine when logged in but does not work when logged out. When clicking it, nothing happens and the button just disappears. Yesterday, it was doing this on and off.....today it does not work at all. You can see for yourself here if you like. I've submitted a ticket to NING but still wanted to know if anyone is having this problem. Oh and yesterday I had removed my toggle boxes from the homepage but the problem persisted. Then I removed the chat and it worked fine for a while but stopped again. Actually, it was loading more activity but only 2 clicks worth.

Hopefully it's something that isn't too serious because I changed my homepage around in hopes to "bait" folks into joining. There's only the leaderboards and the activity.


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Me too Hub City Livin', seems everything I touch is a mess today, about to take a long break. I looked at your site, and see what you mean. It's not loading any "more" for me when I click. How to help, I wouldn't know. Sorry. I hope it works out soon.



Good grief, everything is all mucked up  must be why we have having this issue as my site is private and public only showing the home page to visitors, Thanks for the update

Cheers   Deb

I hope your patience with them as they take a long time to reply back to you YUP!!!!!!   ning is getting worst each day


 just 24hrs that must be a world record for them.  (I'm cranky with them)

Happy to hear it's not your site ~ must have your site 100% public I not LIKE it

to  help even things HAVE A WONDERFUL REST OF THE WEEK



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