Is it true that the Non-Paid sites will be auctioned off?

Upon a meeting of several creators last night, I heard that they heard Ning will be auctioning off unpaid sites.   This apparently was in a blog of Johns so my question is this true?


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I 100% do not believe this to be true. Ning would be under huge legal liabilities to get involved in this sort of activity. Also, I can't see where they would profit from, or be remotely interested in this.
Hope that helps,
Thanks Jen, many are now deleted their contents because of this, ugh, so I thought it best to go right to the source, I did post this on the Creators site also with only one response. The trouble comes in when the Creators cannot delete their own communities at this point, now added with this rumor they are quessing this is why.
To me this just doesn't make sense and rumors continue ugh.
Yeah, it definitely makes no sense. I wouldn't be concerned about this one, one more second. There is simply no way that Ning would be interested in grabbing up and auctioning off networks that are making less money a month, than what it would cost to keep them. Know what I mean? Plus, not the business they're in.
I agree with Jen ,
Ning said it will shut down free networks 1 month before , now 20th August .
I say Ning will suffer a lot of lost if they really auctioning off free networks , there are more free networks than paid networks , i think 60% of the population will be wiped up (lol like a mega disaster) .

Ning is also working very hard to persuade people to buy their premium packages , they also partnered with TrialPay just to make more NCs subscribe to the packages .

Nice day ,
Whether this romour is true I have no idea at all
However I can see the benefits for Ning
A site being auctioned will bring in money from the auction itself and will be obliged to pick a plan which means paying fees that otherwise would not have been received.

Maybe the confusion was triggered by the fact that their is a blog now that encourages administrators and moderators to either convince their network creator to pick a plan or hand the network over to an administrator/moderator who will then become the owner and pay for a plan
I think that would be a bit silly, many sites would be copyrighted and not very useful other than for the membership names. i think its an unfounded rumor.



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