I just had an interesting conversation via emails, with one of our fellow Network Creators. We were specifically discussing whether or not UPPERCASE, is still considered SCREAMING or SHOUTING.

Since day one of the Internet bang, I've considered it to be improper, and in fact: SHOUTING. However, during our conversation I actually found one site that said it was considered cool. ;-) LOL! That's a new one on me. But, who am I to say what's considered proper? And HEY, occasionally I use it for emphasis.


What other Internet Etiquette Rules can you share?

Great contributing posts:
Here is my contribution to netiquette:

Remember that subtle emotions and meanings do not transmit very well over email. Satire and humour is particularly hard to transmit, and sometimes comes across as rude and contemptuous. Particularly avoid sarcasm, which rarely communicates well. Similarly, don't over-react to email or postings you receive. What looks to you like an insulting or mean message may only be an absent minded and poor choice of phrasing, and not meant the way you perceived it.

Be particularly polite when disagreeing with others. Wherever possible, acknowledge good points made, and then respectfully describe the areas where you disagree to produce the most productive conversation.

For those who find this hard to read, try using Ctrl and the + button

Yes, I consider it against "netiquette". I find it annoying and hard to read. BUT in some cases it's okay, like if:

1. You are trying to put an EMPHASIS on a word, phrase, etc.
2. If you are writing an acronym (LOL, ATT, NBC, etc)
3. If you really ARE mad and are trying to convey that.

I actually had a friend send me a LONG email entirely in caps. I emailed her back and requested she not do so again. She is of the same mind as some posters here, and refused. I try not to email her much... I don't want an all-caps reply.

Caps to me is shouting, and sometimes needed for getting a important part to explain. like this.

2. I had a BAD day

Some people just use caps, because they do. I guess they just got used to it this way. Without getting too pedantic, CAPS have much less emphasis than varied type and tend to make the writer look like an idiot according to numerous researches. If CAPS were so get your point accross, you'd find all advertising done exclusively in them, of course you don't find this except for headlines. Constant cap typers do not get taken as seriously in their subject presentations as non constant CAP people, which I feel is not fair. But it's true.

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Put on your seat belt Kiki. You WILL likely get comments. ;-) You'll probably hear things like, it makes you look like a newbie, kinda like a Tourist with a camera.

Thanks for the inspiration, great topic to cover.

l have a friend , he does the same with caps, and for the same reason, so l am use to caps, and it is really what it is about in the message. One should be able to tell if it is a shout or not.

l just let him do it because his eyes pick up caps better then the small.
touché to you. ;-)

It's because I AM SHOUTING, LOL!
i like quiet.


OK, This is about right!
ahhh, I must admit, and you're not going to like it. ;-) I like it better when you don't use all the caps.
Yes, different size text is annoying on my small laptop screen. But I am just used to constantly zooming BIG and small to read.

Huff Post is probably the worst... GIANT HEADLINES, then small little grey text letters.... ZOOM IN----ZOOM OUT---- ZOOM IN----ZOOM OUT.....
Yes - - that will be much better received, to use caps when placing emphasis, instead of all caps.
They probably don't like glitter graphics, not just regular images.
Cute...I love animals.
Exactly. But, I think there's an underlying point I want to make. I have rarely had a person online converse with me, in all CAPS, and have any offensive tone. Nine out of ten times, they just don't know. So, unfortunately it makes them look inexperienced. And then, the smarty-pants out there, tend to take advantage of them, or often get abusive.
Does that make sense?
We're always on the same page.
Have a nice weekend,
Still, case in point - - you just innocently revealed that you consider ALL CAPS shouting, just by recognizing that his actions were intended to be intimidating. Although, it doesn't offend you in most cases.
Thanks for the input,
LOL, yes, that works. Thanks! ;-)



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