How about a Ning Tip Contest?

I was thinking tonight, it would be great fun to have a Ning Tip Contest! Tips could/would be judged on: Creativity, usefulness, and uniqueness. I would be game to offer a cash prize for the Ning Tip Contest Winner. I would love to see how creative you can get!

Any interested parties?


Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Best Regards,


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sounds good

Hi Alan!

Personally WE are not hi-tec enough for your  But love the ideas and concepts..Keep them coming for the good of the community.

Thanks, OregonShout! =)

for sure

Cool! Help me spread the word, and I'll offer a nice cash prize of $150 - - maybe more depending on number of entries and quality of tips.

Gone for today,


Liking this =)


Thanks, Michel! Obviously, it's going to happen. I'm just giving this some more time to get around. THEN, I will announce the Contest.

Here's what I'm thinking for Contest Prize, depending on number of valid entries:

  • $200 Cash Prize
  • Lifetime Membership to VIP Club



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