A personal note, one thing I noticed, the more our team exposed issues, the more people attacked our network even at our forum at YouTube. By flagging our anti- ISIS videos. So be it, This video was more then a inspirational video, it carried a message to the Music Industry. What happened has effected all of us, we are sad, and we even cried for those who passed away. But the message is this, don't live in fear, enjoy life, go to concerts, and be with so many beautiful people young and old. Live life to fullest.

 Since the release of this video the attacks stopped. I guess I left them no where to go with their vulgar mouths, and thats what make my team and I different. We care about people and we will expose the truth.

This is our official channel bookmark it- TTTG Networking- C.C. 2.0 Cinema© : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0sZELx8-AypQJSZoPTj7RA/feed

Inspirational People Of The Las Vegas Shooting- YouTube


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