I would Like this Theme to my Site ( It's Posible )



Is Not Longer Appear on Ning 3 ( i don't Know  Why)

Someone Know where i can get it ? or How i can costumize  a  new theme to look like their profile Page ( Scroll )

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That's only available on the legacy Ning Themes for 3.0. And, most of us who customized sites using an older legacy theme would love to get rid of that, altogether. With the most recent theming templates, you can control the layout of your profile questions from Sites & Pages/My Page. You can add Profile Questions (About) as tabbed content, or anywhere on the Profile Pages. If you don't want your "About/Profile Questions" to be in a tab, you could probably add a scrollbar with CSS. Best I remember, we found during a custom app project, each tab's ID/CSS identifier is unique to your site. You would need a little custom work, or be able to capture the tab id using Firebug.

Gracias Jen !!



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