Hi Friends,

Im sure most of you haven't heard from me for months now, Well...the thing is Ning suspended my account after i posted on Creators Forum about my feelings with the Ning 3.0 and how bad it is, and unfortunately i got suspended, my network getting deleted....without any notice or warning...Lucky enough i had a back up of my user data...well....what was left of it to say.

Today i dont regret actually Ning deleting my profile & website, they did me a good deal infact, Now i have a powerful network build on Open Source software. I went to Oxwall Software www.oxwall.org and started my site and believe me it is the BEST SITE EVER,.....BETTER THAN NING....Helpful Team members like those on Creators & Jensocial & developers who help you make your site to what you want it to be.

Besides high prices from Ning and none- delivery, it took me 3 / 5 months to rebuild my site and today you wont believe how it is looking.....best of all.....


Ning failed at keeping them out.....with so many plugins mostly free and some as cheap as $3 i made it friends :).

Ning doesnt care about its customers and their needs...but only at what they want..... forgetting we pay their bills at the end of the Day.....NING WILL BE LIKE MYSPACE....one day....DEAD

CHECK OUT MY NEW NETWORK - http://www.myvirgo.info

I wish you all and Jen the Best with Ning...It was nice knowing you all and you have been the greatest help ever in keeping my network looking great, hope we will meet again, Over & Out

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Hi DJ,

Sorry to hear that about Creators, that stinks. Thanks for creating this discussion. We'll miss you too! Don't be a stranger, JenSocial is open to all.

The site looks great, really nice. Only thing that threw me a little, and thinking you would want me to say: I was confused on the site name, because the slogan "the energy never dies" is larger than the site logo. Otherwise, love it!

Thank you for sharing Oxwall with us. =)

Best to you,


Thanks Jen :) it was great knowing Jensocial....will still share my Ning knowledge with those who need my help :)

Thanks! Same here! =)



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